How can colostrum help breeding facilities and kennels?

Every year 7.3 million dogs are acquired by their owners from breeders and pet stores. Reputable, professional dog breeders – not puppy mills operated for profit without regard to the health of mother or puppy, nor the overall stability and health of the breed – are excellent sources for the right puppy to dovetail with the needs of a family for the lifetime of the dog.

Reputable breeders are most interested in the continuity of health within the breed lineage, and in matching the breed to the right family for that dog.  Colostrum can be a valuable tool for breeders to help:

  • Maintain the health and fitness of the mother both before and after her puppies are born.
  • Support a good start in life using colostrum to support immunity.
  • Provide immune support when puppies move into their new home environment.

Similarly, kennels face challenges associated with commingling dogs from different environments. Even if a kennel requires certain vaccinations before accepting a dog for boarding, different kinds of allergies, diseases and infections can be brought into an otherwise clean and disease-free environment.

To protect against bordetella and other diseases which take hold in the kennel environment, operators can make good use of the immune maintenance provided by colostrum.