Andy Needham testimonial

Lazarus’ story:

We are fostering a rescued American Pit Bull Terrier named Lazarus who was diagnosed w
ith severe food and grass allergies. After a play session in the yard, his feet and legs swelled to more than double their normal size, his
 skin was red everywhere, and his eyes were swollen shut. I rushed him to the vet and they administered steroids, which did halt the reaction but did nothing to prevent further problems.

In November Lazarus became very ill
 with vomiting and diarrhea that lasted for weeks. By the end of November he weighed just 42.5 pounds. Eventually the GI symptoms improved and we decided to try a hypoallergenic diet. His symptoms did improve
 some, but he did not gain any weight. He still licked his paw pads until they were raw and bleeding and his skin was itchy and
 red. He looked emaciated. He had absolutely no fur on his head and ears.

I started administering two tablespoons of colostrum a day to him. Within five days the fur had started to grow back on his head. He stopped licking and scratching. Within two weeks his coat looked amazing, his skin was normal, his eyes bright. By May he weighed 59.8 pounds! I continue to give him colostrum three times per week (one tablespoon each time) and he continues to be allergy free and
 looks beautiful. Best of all he is happy and feels great!

Chrome’s story:

I was preparing to take Chrome to a dog show when he started licking and chewing his feet. I took him to the vet, who gave him a s
teroid injection. It did stop the licking and chewing for about three weeks.  After that he was back at it.  A month later he developed a bacterial skin infection.  I then took him to an
 animal dermatologist who diagnosed him with the infection as well as an allergy to grass.  He put him on allergy meds and they did not work. This year when the grass turned green, Chrome’s feet swelled and turned red… back to l
icking and chewing. I gave him a two-tablespoon dose of colostrum and six hours later the swelling and redness were gone! I continue to give him a daily dose of colostrum. He continues to enjoy an allergy-free, drug free life! An added bonus is all o
f the lean muscle he has put on since starting his colostrum regimen!

Camber’s story:

Camber is a 2 1/2 year old male American Pit Bull Terrier, lean and athletic, but it seemed no matter h
ow much, or what we fed him, he wouldn’t put on weight.  At his all-time high of 59.5 pounds, he looked good, but still a little thin. Then he became ill and was diagnosed with gastroenteritis.  He weighed a startling 47.2 pounds t
hat day.

I started Camber on a daily dose of one tablespoon of colostrum a day. With each dose his appetite grew. He ate like never before. R
ecently, Camber weighed in at a whopping 69.1 pounds of solid muscle. I decreased his food and give him a single two-tablespoon dose of colostrum per week.  He continues to thrive and maintain his weight!

Killian’s story:

Killian was heartworm positive and had the worst case of hookworms my vet had seen in 27 years of practice. He plummeted to 36 pounds, was very weak and couldn’t walk five f
eet without collapsing. It took months of love, care, patience and food to get him back to
 around 54 pounds, but he lacked the enormous natural muscle he had prior to his illness. I started him on colostrum (1 tsp./day) and
 seemingly overnight he began to “grow.”  After four weeks he had gained five pounds. He is now a solid 61 pounds and has huge m
uscles again.  He will soon be ready for a new home, but a contractual condition will be the continued use of colostrum when h
e is adopted!

Hemi’s story:

An adorable 18 month old American Pit Bull Terrier, Hemi has always been quite healthy, but I could never get her coat to look as g
ood as I wanted. I decided to give colostrum to her to see if it would improve her coat… of course it did.  She is so soft and shiny.  People always ask what I spray on her to get her coat to shine like that!