How can Colostrum help at a breeding or training facility?

Young thoroughbreds and other performance horses face a range of challenges earlier in life than many ordinary weanlings and yearlings. Top breeding facilities are finding that bovine colostrum can serve more than one purpose in supporting the overall health and fitness of young horses bound for sale.

Colostrum is currently in use at several facilities working to develop weanlings and yearlings for sale. Farm managers are finding that Re-Borne can:

  • Effectively prevent foal scours if given from birth
  • Help support transition weanlings from nursing to feedbox more easily
  • Maintain immune function as weanlings move into pasture and stall environments
  • Ease the stress of preparation for yearling sales
  • Support a healthy appetite and provide lean muscle mass for the yearling without the use of steroids

Additionally, professional thoroughbred, show, dressage and other performance horse trainers are finding colostrum useful in supporting immune, stress, appetite and hair coat issues at the racetrack or in the show ring. Colostrum can be especially effective in providing nutrients for a healthy body, helps reduce oxidative stress, supporting healthy skin and coat, and helping performance horses recover more quickly during strenuous training and competition.

How does Colostrum come to breeders and trainers, and how do you use it?

Our practically sterile, liquid bovine colostrum, collected from USDA Certified Grade A dairies. Our colostrum is never heated, retaining the full complement of immune supporters, growth factors, antioxidants, antibodies, vitamins, proteins and minerals contained in fresh bovine colostrum.  Our colostrum comes to facilities frozen in 450ml bottles or one-liter bags. When colostrum is received, it can be kept frozen until it is ready for use. Then, you simply thaw it in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and it is ready to use.

There are a number of dosing options for Re-Borne. In the case of horses in preparation for sale or in strenuous training, racing or show situations, it can be helpful to keep horses on a daily regimen of colostrum for optimum coverage. Giving colostrum can:

  • Support the immune system, reducing the threat of barn infections
  • Maintain a healthy appetite when young horses first arrive in a new situation
  • Promote intestinal health and help prevent gastric distress
  • Provide endurance during rigorous performance
  • Aid in recovery from physical challenges after training
  • Support muscle health throughout the race or show season

Dosages up to 30ml per day can be administered to help address specific situations, including loss of appetite, severe diarrheas or gastric distress, the loss of hair coat sheen, and skin infections.

Colostrum is a tool for breeders and trainers that is safe, effective and all-natural. Because of its unique processing, colostrum contains no additives, preservatives or drugs – and will not test.