“With the limited sales we’ve already made to trainers at the racetrack and in the quarter horse world, we’re seeing this product take off more rapidly than we ever anticipated. The excellent quality of our 100% natural bovine colostrum has far exceeded the expectations of our toughest clients – hardworking trainers and owners working with the finest equine athletes.”

Dr. Steven Allday
Equine Veterinarian and Co-Developer, Re-Borne™

“I am amazed at what the Re-Borne product has done for my horse. I went down to Al Dunning’s ranch to finish my Team AD Accreditation and he gave me Re-Borne to try on my horse. She was a very anxious kind of horse, always pacing, hard to keep weight on, very high energy, and with ulcers. I had tried everything I could think of, other ulcer meds, different kinds of grain that were supposed to help the digestive system and lower energy, but nothing worked. I noticed a difference within a week and within a couple weeks noticed weight gain and calming. With just the use of that one bottle she now has great weight, she doesn’t pace, and her energy level is very balanced while riding. Very thankful for Re-Borne and what it has done for my little mare.”

Mark Moffitt 
MJM Foundation to Finished Training, Team AD Accredited Trainer

“Re-Borne is a wonderful supplement to our feeding and nutrition program. We have had tremendous success with Re-Borne and will continue to use it. We use it daily on horses of all ages and performance requirements. Every type of horse can benefit from Re-Borne; foals, sales horses, mares, and horses off the track.”

Nate Heiple
Farm Manager at Darby Dan Farm

“Nobody has to convince me that Re-Borne works. I use it every day, and I haven’t had a single case of respiratory illness in my barn since I’ve been using it. So I know for sure: Re-Borne works!”

Richard Stoklosa
Thoroughbred Trainer

“I’ve had tremendous success with Re-Borne. Our barn is a healthy one, but like most people, we have some horses with challenges. I started horses on it in the late part of August. Within three weeks, we resolved our minor challenges – and we kept all our horses healthy. We really put it to the test when we shipped six horses to the Congress and twenty to the World Show. And we never missed a beat! Re-Borne is wonderful stuff.”

Jason Smith
World Championship Owner and Trainer
Smith Show Horses
Whitesboro, Texas

“The horses that I’ve put on Re-Borne just developed a lot better hair and coat. Their appetite was better and it was a tremendous help in our show ring presentation.”

Gil Galyean
Renowned Trainer, Congress and World Champion
Gil Galyean Quarter Horse Ranch
Wayne, Oklahoma

“I love Re-Borne. It’s really effective – especially with the young horses – our weanlings and yearlings. Re-Borne works well with intestinal upset. We haven’t even been using our typical treatments. It’s been great!”

Dewey Smith
World Champion Trainer and Owner
Dewey Smith Quarter Horses
Dewey, Oklahoma

“I work with thoroughbred racehorses every day, and we’ve been using Re-Borne. The biggest thing I see – when they run or work out – they don’t come back as knocked out. The whole training stress thing doesn’t drag them down as much with Re-Borne as without it.”

Ed Frederick, Trainer
Oak Haven Farm
Midway, Kentucky

“We had 75 foals this past spring, and we used Re-Borne on every one of them. After years of treating our foals for scours, we didn’t have a single case this year. We love Re-Borne – and we depend on it every day!”

Joan Schroeder, Owner and Trainer
Schroeder Ranch, Inc.
Gainesville, Texas

“Last year my family and I took three horses to the world championships for Cowboy Mounted Shooting in Las Vegas, where we stabled for seven days in an indoor barn and arena. A lot of horses were coughing there. Our horses left there with running noses and coughs.

This year we started our horses on Re-Borne seven days prior to leaving for Vegas for the world championships. We kept our horses on Re-Borne until we returned home 10 days later. No running noses and no coughing! I am very happy with the product – it works wonders!”

Cindy Ellet
Championship Rider and Owner
Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competitions

“Well this Re-borne is amazing!!! We gave it to a two year old, 20cc per day for 7 days, 10cc for 1 week., then 5cc for 1 week. This reining prospect (Bam Bam) was weak, bad haired, lethargic, and not meeting his potential. Now he is looking good. His hair is bright and he’s shedding allot. He has perked up from being dull with no heart. I like it!

The other horse (T-Bone) was a mess. Bad attitude, dead coat, no feel or zing, and unhealthy looking. He is now improved immensely and is working well. The owner is thrilled. We gave him 10cc per day for one week, then 5cc for two weeks. Re-Borne is really a fabulous product that produces quick results.”

Al Dunning, Quarter Horse Trainer and Owner
AQHA World Champion in Reining, Cutting,
Working Cow Horse and Western Riding