All-Natural Supplement for Show Swine

Whole bovine colostrum gives your swine a competitive edge without the use of steroids or artificial growth enhancements. Re-Borne maintains your show pigs healthy digestion and appetite with its unique prebiotic and nutritional benefits and capabilities while maintaining the building blocks of muscle and increasing weight. With no toxicities or withdraws it’s easy to choose Re-Borne as a pre-show regimen.

The worldwide demand for quality protein is at an all-time high. That’s why all producers are looking to minimize morbidity and mortality and maximize health and productivity. Re-Borne allows you to maintain thriving, high-quality livestock without the use of synthetic and unnatural growth promoters at the very first stages of life or during the hardest times producing and raising livestock for market.

Re-Borne nutrition benefits

  • Natural growth supporters (IGF-1, EGF, TGF)
  • Antibodies
  • Antioxidants
  • Immune supporters
  • Vitamins, minerals & proteins
  • Colostral Fat

Production Dosages

1. Newborn or Processing
– 4ml per head (transfer liters dosage x 3 days)

2. Weaning
– 50ml per head (Can be given as a top dress)

Show Dosages

1) On Feed
– 30ml per day dosage for at least 30 days prior to show

2) Off Feed
– 50ml per day for 3 days, reduce dosage to 30ml until show