Help your horse reach its potential – with Colostrum!

Whether he’s a performance star, a weekend athlete, a growing foal or simply a good friend, your horse may need a little help to reach his potential or recover from adversity. Safe, all-natural whole liquid, bovine colostrum offers that healthy support.

Colostrum works for the life of your horse!

From addressing gastric upset in foals to helping weanlings thrive to preparing yearlings for sale – and more! – Colostrum is a nutritional aid that supports the life of your horse!

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How can Colostrum benefit your horse?

Our high-quality bovine colostrum maintains effective performance by:

  • Providing essential nutrients for a healthy body
  • Supporting a healthy immune system through enhanced nutritional aid
  • Maintaining normal digestive function
  • Supports normal recovery time after strenuous activity
  • Nutritional support for healthy coat and skin