Re-Borne is nature’s way of providing animals with the same immune support they would receive from their dam as a newborn; but these animals can now receive it at latter stages in life from Re-Borne as a nutritional supplement. With Re-Borne’s concentrated colostrum, your livestock can reap similar benefits-like improving maintained muscle and intestinal health, healthy weight gain and increased endurance- throughout their lives using Re-Borne.

How can colostrum help?

Re-Borne is specially formulated to deliver a more potent and bio-available colostrum product to production livestock as a full USDA licensed colostrum replacement, making it the only current USDA licensed, liquid bovine colostrum! But it is also widely used and recommended as a colostrum nutritional supplement. It can be utilized as a long-term regimen and also as a single-dose supplement for high-stress events. But regardless of how often it’s utilized, the benefits are the same across the board. Re-Borne can improve and maintain muscle health, intestinal health, weight and immunity in production livestock. And unlike bank colostrum which is scientifically proven to reduce vital protein concentrations and bioavailability because it has to be heat-treated and processed into powder, only Re-Borne colostrum is 100% safe, and used in its natural, raw-like state for maximum nutritional benefits.

Additional Information

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